27 July 2010

Catching Up, Show Cancellations, Live Downloads, and Harlem River Blues

With summer vacations out of the way, we are back abnd full steam ahead for the Halfway to Jackson Blog. Here's the latest news:

Justin has 3 busted fingers from an incident with glass leaving him with 19 stitches and the inability to play a guitar. Unfortunately, his three dates this weekend (including the Newport Folk Festival) have to be canceled. People are working on getting the Iron Horse show rescheduled for late August. We will have an announcement on that as soon as we can.

In other news, a new live show from Madison, WI has been posted on the Live Music Archive. The recorded show is from the Memorial Union Terrace on July  3. You can download or stream the full show here.

The last bit of news, You can now download the title track from Harlem River Blues on iTunes for 99 cents! What are you waiting for? Go now!


  1. Man, that's a great song! Thanks for letting me know about the song on iTunes. I can't wait for his new CD!

  2. damn. i was hoping to see the Iron Horse show.

  3. Big thanks for the heads-up on the new track!