13 November 2009

Reviews from the first week of the Dan Auerbach tour

There have been a few reviews posted in the last week that focus on Dan Auerbach's new tour. The reviews often post a little something about Justin Townes Earle as well. Here are a couple of them.

Boston Herald: Auerbach takes solo flight
Justin Townes Earle threatened to steal Auerbach’s thunder with a thrilling opening set of hillbilly country and cw-4deft, fingerpicked pre-war blues. Despite lacking a band or blazing Stratocasters, Earle worked the crowd masterfully, whether strumming honky-tonk burners (“Ain’t Glad I’m Leavin’ ”) or jug band classics (“Hesitation Blues”).
Columbus Other Paper: Auerbach goes solo—with five other guys
Justin Townes Earle, however, rose to the occasion with the charisma and guitar skills of a man twice his age—I’d argue he’s a better guitarist than his daddy, Steve Earle, or his namesake, Townes Van Zandt. He played the rhythm and lead parts on his acoustic simultaneously and effortlessly.

I admit I was disappointed that Earle wasn’t playing with a full band to re-create the songs from this year’s overlooked but excellent Midnight at the Movies. But the man can work a crowd with just his tall, lanky frame and an acoustic guitar—walking half-circles behind the mike, his face looking overtaken by a foreign spirit, quickly and frequently blurting out “Ladies and gentlemen” between songs and “OK now, Mama” before guitar solos.
I'm always looking for links to photos, videos,  reviews, and setlists. If you know of one I missed, please let me know!

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