13 November 2009

The Diamondback: Working on his dream

The University of Maryland's Diamondback Student Newspaper posted an article on Justin yesterday evening. It's a good article, with some quotes by Justin. Here's an excerpt:

In the end though, Earle, unlike many others with famous musical forebears, is at peace with both the towering works that came before him and what he can contribute to the legacy attached to his name.

“I never felt any pressure to be anything because [of] who my father was or because of what my name is,” Earle said. “I knew from a very early stage that I’m not ever going to be able to write a song as beautiful as Townes. I’m not going to be able to probably tell a story as well as my father.

“I’ve become a very personal songwriter, and I think that’s where I found my place. I’m a little more honest with myself than either of them ever were
You can find the full article here.

Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins

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