13 September 2010

Videos from this weekend

Thanks to uploader ugacrow

Thanks to uploader angischy


  1. This is ugacrow, the guy that uploaded the video above. First the good stuff. The new songs are lyrically great. His three-piece sounds incredible. The guy's voice is as rich as I've heard singing a country song in a long, long time. His stories, as always, were hilarious. (Asked the audience if they'd ever seen a "one-eared elephant," which apparently is when you whip it out and pull one of your pants pockets inside out.) The stories, however, were a little mumbly and sloppy, which leads to part two of this review...

    He was drunk as hell. He said that his dad's 4th/6th wife (same woman) died that day, and she was one of the few women in his dad's life he was close to. He said he was "a little drunk and in a bad mood," and he got drunker and drunker as the show went on. He stumbled all around the stage, did a lot of shouting in his songs, and several times looked like he was about to fall over (or at least knock over the small table on stage where he kept his drinks). Hope he's not getting back into the habit and that it was a one time thing.

    It was really weird to hear him as drunk as he was. You know how his stories are normally really sharp and almost bullet pointed? Well they weren't last night. They were often rather rambly. And he stormed all over the stage in a way like I hadn't seen before.

    Fingers crossed for JTE. Do y'all know if he has struggled with alcoholism before?

  2. He's never made mention of drinking being a huge problem, like drugs were. But he did also mention being falling down drunk at shows before he cleaned up. I'll chalk it up to one bad night after a tragic occurence in his life, but having seen alcoholism take hold of family members of my own, it could definitely signal a relapse as well.

    I really, really hope he's okay. He's worked so hard to get to where he is, and I really hope the bottom doesn't fall out for him.