13 April 2010

Photos and setlist from Milton April 11, 2010

Huge thanks to Serena Van-Hek for the photos, and just so happened to keep a setlist!

They Killed John Henry
I Don't Care
What Do You Do When You're Lonesome
Mama's Eyes
Boy Keep Movin'
What I Mean To You
Someday I'll Be Forgiven For This
One More Night In Brooklyn
I Ain't Waitin'
My Starter Won't Start
So Different Blues
Learning To Cry
Slipin' And Slidin'
Hard Livin'
A Wanderin'
South Georgia Sugar Babe
Halfway To Jackson
Midnight At The Movies
Poor Fool
Mama I'm Coming Home
Close Up The Honky Tonks
Can't Hardly Wait

Fishing Blues
Chitlin Cooking Time In Cheatham County
Walk Out

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