28 April 2010

End of Tour Wrap up

Justin ended his month long tour of Australia and New Zealand tonight, and will be heading back to the US in the morning. The few supporting gigs for Wilco seems to have went well.

Thanks to Sarah from Wildwood Lights for the setist from the Civic Theatre in Aukland, New Zealand April 27, 2010
  • They Killed John Henry
  • I Don't Care
  • South Georgia Sugar Babe
  • Mama's Eyes
  • I Ain't Waitin'
  • Christchurch Woman
  • Halfway to Jackson
  • Midnight at the Movies
Justin gets a small mention at the end of this review of the same show.

Even with the end of the tour, we will spend the next few days posting more reviews and such if they are available. Thanks to everyone sending links, photos, and info to cover the tour. Heather and I really appreciate it..

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  1. Here's JTE (for a few seconds anyway) at Boogie - the greatest, smallest festival ever!