01 March 2010

Photos and Audio - 2010-FEB-23 The Mill- Iowa City, IA

Before I go into the audio part of this post, I need to say that there are some amazing photos of the Iowa City show at iamnotjerry.com. Be sure to check those out! The photo on the right is just one of them.

The LMA has the recent Iowa City, Iowa show ready to download and stream. Here's the setlist:
01 intro
02 Poor Fool
03 They Killed John Henry
04 Halfway To Jackson
05 I Don't Care
06 What Do You Do When You're Lonesome
07 Mamas Eyes
08 What I Mean To You
09 Someday I'll Be Forgiven For This
10 Ain't Waitin'
11 A Wanderin'
12 So Different Blues (Mance Lipscomb)
13 Starter Won't Start (Lightning Hopkins)
14 Hard Livin'
15 Ain't Glad I'm Leavin'
16 Lone Pine Hill
17 Workin' For The MTA
18 Mama I'm Coming Home
19 Gold Watch And Chain (A.P. Carter)
20 Can't Hardly Wait (Replacements)
21 Walk Out
22 encore break
23 Yuma
24 Chittlin' Cookin' Time in Cheatham County
25 outro
The quality is extremely good. Check it out here.

UPDATE: Another source has been posted on the LMA. You can find it here.

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