17 August 2009

Audio: The Big Surprise @ Riverfront - Nashville, TN

JTE on the Riverfront
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The Live Music Archive now contains the audio from Justin's set on Nashville stop of the Big Surprise tour. Unfortunatley, it's missing the track Can't Hardly Wait, but it's still a nice listen. Hop on over there and hear it for yourself.

Set list:

  • They Killed John Henry *
  • What Do you do When You're Lonesome? *
  • Ain't Waitin' ^
  • Ain't Glad I'm Leavin' ^
  • Mama's Eyes $
  • South Georgia Sugar Babe $
  • Midnight at the Movies @
  • Lonesome Valley (Birmingham Jail) #

* (with Morgan Jahnig, Gil Landry, Benmont Tench, and Cory Younts)
^ (with Morgan Jahnig, Gil Landry, Ketch Secor, Benmount Tench, and Cory Younts)
$ (with Cory Younts)
@ (solo)
# (with Ian Felice, Searcher, James Felice, Christmas, Farley, Dave ? [Felice Drummer], Cory Younts, Gil Landry, and Willie Watson)

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